Sunshine, Sports and Museums


As unpredictable and ever changing as British transport, Queens’ College was thankfully graced by yet another day of beautifully radiant sunshine, as the participants embarked upon another day of academic sessions.

Breaking up morning hard work and lessons were the enriching visits to both the Fitzwilliam Museum, with its diverse collection of sculptures and antiquities from across the ancient world, and the Scott Polar Research Institute.

The Fascinating ‘Museum of Cold’

The Scott Polar Research Institute is a centre of excellence in the study of the Arctic and Antarctic. The Institute also houses the World’s premier Polar Library, extensive archival, photographic and object collections of international importance on the history of polar exploration, and a Polar Museum with displays of both the history and contemporary significance of the Arctic and Antarctic and their surrounding seas.

Participants then either took part in a scenic outing to the Botanic Gardens, a lesson of public speaking and debating excellence, or a fun-filled afternoon of fresh air and sporting activity at Queens’ Backs. Sports afternoon’s most memorable moments included Anna’s impressive own goal during a frenetic football game, Ibrihim’s one-shot wonder rounder, smashing the ball out of the park and a quintessentially Cambridge game of croquet brilliantly run by Arthur.

Concluding a busy but equally enjoyable Friday was a movie night screening of 21 Jump Street in the auditorium, of course accompanied by marshmallows, strawberry sweets and flying saucers and a re-run of yesterday’s very popular Cake and Canvas. More daring participants ventured on a night time excursion to the Escape Room, 60 minutes of attempting to escape a locked room using only the power of your brain.


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