Chapels, Chats and Cheesecakes


It’s been a pretty eventful fourth day here at Immerse Education. As usual, we started off the day with breakfast before the participants tucked into their tutorials.


We had a slightly extended lunch at 12pm when Group Orange had the chance to visit the iconic, picturesque King’s College Chapel. Who knew it had the largest floor vault in the world?

Mentors’ Question Time

In the afternoon, we had a drop-in session where the participants could come and ask the mentors general questions about university applications, courses, personal statements, etc. Between us, we were able to offer advice from a range of different subject areas. Following lots of discussion (and lots of biscuits!) we had dinner where we celebrated a participant’s (Abheek) 17th birthday with 2 fabulous cheesecakes!

In the evening, two of our mentors (Brontë and Amelia) held a workshop where they gave specific tips to Law applicants and another two (Jiali and Ryta) did the same for Medicine. Both were extremely well-attended and we hope we’ve given the students some valu
able gems!

To relax, we set up the theatre in true cinema fashion and put Mean Girls on. We also held a couple rounds of ‘Mafia’ before we all went off to bed – we’re going to need the energy for tomorrow’s sports day!


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