A Delightful Afternoon, and Tours Around Cambridge’s Museums


Fuelled for another fantastic morning of tutorials our students filed into the Yusuf Hamied centre armed with pen and paper. Almost a week and a half into the programme the participants are really getting stuck into their subjects. Some students, on request, have even been able to try out a variety of topics! Being able to study Economics and Management, as well as Law, has allowed some participants to make a better-informed decision for their university applications.

Playing Detective

The English Literature class scoured the pages of detective novels for clues of literary devices, and the culprit for brilliant story writing. Over in Biology students examined the ins and outs of genome imprinting, looking at the ways in which certain genes are suppressed. After their well-earned lunch break, students from all subjects continued to study with focus and enthusiasm. The lawyers tackled tricky situations encompassed under criminal law, whilst our resident physicists got to grips with dark body radiation. Finally, the Economics and Management class explored the four ‘Ps’ of marketing: price, product, place and promotion.

A Tour of the Museums

Following the afternoon lessons, the Immerse students had the chance to explore the culture, art and history of Cambridge through its impressive selection of museums. Students were given the choice to visit the Archaeology and Anthropology Museum, Kettle’s Yard or The Fitzwilliam Museum. The huge variety of exhibits encompassed within these museums was able to cater to the diverse range of interests within the group. Kettle’s Yard, the former home of artists Jim and Helen Ede, wowed the participants with unusual displays of modern art. In contrast, The Fitzwilliam ranked among the top museums in the UK, presented the students with more realist art and a plethora of artefacts. Finally, the Archaeology and Anthropology Museum was of particular interest to those keen to see artefacts from Roman Cambridgeshire!

The day concluded with the spectacular ‘Canvas and Cake’ evening; a roaring success! Fuelled with huge amounts of cake, biscuits, tea and juice, students displayed their impressive artistic talents. They splattered paint, dolloped glitter, and sketched in pencil in order to create the best piece representing their time at Immerse Education. The results were outstanding… winners to be announced tomorrow!


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