The End of the First Week of Tutorials, Sunset Walk Around Cambridge Botanic Gardens.

As day broke on Friday all participants indulged in the buffet style breakfast at Christ’s College preparing for the final day of tutorials prior to the weekend trips. Moods were high and the sun was beaming; encouraging tutors to teach outside throughout the day.

The morning tutorials prompted the start of a new chapter for topics covered across all subjects. The medics considered the potential uses of stem cells, whilst the mathematicians learnt about group theory. This is important for understanding how to solve a Rubik’s cube. Further topics include studying the 30 years’ war in History and comparisons of Robinson Crusoe with Foe in English literature.

Exploring the City

The afternoon sparked the opportunity to grab lunch at a variety of restaurants in Cambridge including Aromi and the Copper Kettle. Upon the students’ return to tutorials, the majority worked outside as tutors made use of the large open spaces around college. The students were given assignments to complete including essays on a variety of topics based on their particular interests from previous sessions.

Following a hardworking couple of hours in the sun, all the participants walked to the Botanical Gardens in Cambridge. The gardens boast spectacular views, rare plants and quiet pathways allowing students to relax and socialise with the new friends they have made. Games of their favourite icebreaker game ‘Mafia’ broke out on the central lawns whilst others enjoyed the café and greenhouses. Following an hour inside, many students took the opportunity to use their free time to explore the city more. This led to students visiting prospective colleges or new eating establishments.

Dinner in college consisted of Steak with Onion rings or the classic British Fish and Chips. Many students took advantage of the menu, ordering both options to rack up the protein count for the day. Word was spreading about the evenings sporting activities and the students took on as many carbohydrates as possible in the hope of gaining the vital edge over their friends.

Time to Play

At 7:30 a group of 50 participants walked over to Kelsey Kerridge sports centre to play dodgeball! Four mixed gender teams were formed inside the hall before a barrage of (soft!) dodgeballs were thrown at each other in the hope of making that all important contribution to their team. The teams were evenly matched, with enthusiasm for the sport travelling throughout both courts. Individuals rose to the occasion and everyone had a great time regardless of ability. Following on from Dodgeball we also played Kicktennis, Football and Volleyball to ensure all requests were met in the two hour time frame.

All students returned to college and the sense of excitement gripped the students in preparation for a trip to Oxford tomorrow!


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