Eventful and Entertaining


With only two days left the participants are reaching the climax of their academic courses.

The law classes in particular had a very big day as one class participated in a mock trial, while the others left Queens for the morning to observe a real murder trial in court! In the afternoon, a workshop to help prepare for the Law admissions exam, LNAT, was led by Bronte, one of our Law mentors.

The Engineers also had a very fun day as they constructed bridges out of cardboard and plastic bottles in teams to try and see who could make the strongest bridge.

Getting Ready to Wow the Masses

In the afternoon, some of the participants rehearsed for the upcoming Talent Show which will include acts ranging from Bollywood dancing to playing the piano to an act simply called “Handwriting”.

Another group headed out onto the River Cam on kayaks to paddle their way to Grantchester, the village just outside of Cambridge that we walked to yesterday. However, they hadn’t got far before both Jeff and Jason had collisions and ended up in the water! After a 10-minute ordeal to flip the kayaks over and get them both back into their boats, they continued their way along the river despite their boats being half filled with water from the questionably unsanitary Cam.

In the evening, half the participants walked to the Trinity gardens to watch a performance of “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” as part of the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival. Despite the old English, we were all soon laughing as we watched four young lovers wander around the forest, while Puck, the servant of the fairy king Oberon, caused chaos by bewitching characters to fall madly in love with the first thing they see – whether human or animal.


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