Much Ado about Grantchester


With the end of the programme looming, the participants were prompt to breakfast ahead of the final deadlines for their projects, presentations and essays. The mood was focussed as the law students compared different approaches to their individual projects over their bananas and bran flakes. Tomorrow will be day of judgement- hand in day!

The Home of Winners

After a hard mornings work they allowed themselves a leisurely lunch before knuckling down again for two hours in the afternoon. The beautiful blue skies and fresh air provided the perfect setting for a walk to Grantchester after tutorials, a neighbouring village home to the highest number of Nobel prize winners per square mile. Grantchester is also famous for the Orchard tea rooms, which, in the early twentieth century, were the favourite haunt of Virginia Woolf, E. M. Forster and others as part of the bohemian Bloomsbury group. After a refreshing walk along the river and amongst the cows the participants rested their legs in the garden of the thatched roofed Red Lion pub before taking taxis home for dinner.

Time for The Bard

Dinner was an extremely efficient turnaround as the participants readied as many layers as they could in anticipation of an evening outdoors in the light drizzle and lowering temperatures. For some, this would be there first experience of live Shakespeare, as the group headed to the backs of Trinity College to watch ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ as part of the Cambridge Shakespeare festival. It was lucky that the plastic ponchos were on hand as the drizzle intensified, but it could not drown out the laughter of the participants as they enjoyed one of Shakespeare’s most accessible and popular comedies.

Session 1 Walk to Grantchester


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