Little Interactions That Last a Lifetime- by Ahana – Psychology

Ahana Psycology Blog
Ahana Psycology Blog

Thursday, 12 August

I kickstarted my day off with a warm Matcha latte from Pret a Manger which had become a local favourite of mine. Sitting in the cloister garden, sipping my beverage while chatting with my friends before we went to our classes, had become my daily ritual.

Today in class, we worked on our personal projects, but given the dynamics of our course, on the one hand, we were struggling to draw perfect titles, while on the other, we were engulfed in the fascinating anecdotes our tutor had to share with us. This was followed by an intense discussion regarding critically acclaimed cinema and the representation of mental health in the media, plus the hardships of being a student during these unprecedented times. 

At lunchtime, with hunger creeping into our stomachs, my friend and I ventured into the market, where we were embraced with a fusion of delicious smells wafting through the air. From freshly brewed coffee to spicy stir-fried noodles, the options were endless. However, I found myself standing in front of the traditional Chinese food stall that I had been going to religiously over the last few days. As the cashier acknowledged her familiarity with a warm smile, I realized how much I would miss these small interactions seeing as I was nearing the end of my trip. 

After our second academic session, the college was bustling with students trying to practice their unique talents that they were going to showcase in the evening. From Irish dancing to eating raw lemons, the evening was filled with laughter and multiple standing ovations. We ended the night on a bittersweet note as we laughed about our funniest memories with each other and the final ones we were going to make tomorrow. 

Ahana, Sidney Sussex, Session 5 – Psychology 


Blog - Little interactions that last a lifetime – by Ahana – Psychology

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