Oxford Overwhelmingly Okay?


Today was the much anticipated ‘Oxford Day’. “Do I have to go, I have a small cold so would prefer to give it a miss” said one student. We insisted the trip was mandatory and promised Oxford wasn’t as awful as it was cracked up to be. We hopped on the coaches.

Out in Harry Potter Land

The walking tours were brilliant. As well as all the Harry Potter settings there were even some academic institutions littered around the town. After tours, participants were given free rein of Oxford. Some visited
colleges and museums whilst others found food in the covered market and relaxed in the Oxford University Parks.

In the evening we were booked in for a formal at Balliol College, one of Oxford’s oldest colleges located right in the centre of town. The participants wondered whether spoons at Balliol formal would be inscribed with their college crest like they were at Johns. They were not. Further evidence Cambridge > Oxford. Admittedly the food was rather good and the chicken supreme was consumed with much gaiety.


After dinner we walked back to the pick up point, “It’s just not quite Cambridge is it” participants were heard murmuring as they stepped back onto the coach, then we drove back.


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