Participants Begin Their First Day of Cambridge Tutorials


The first full day of Immerse Education kicked off with everyone’s first tutorials! All the students met their tutors and were given an outline on what they will be reading, studying, and discussing with other students over the next few weeks. After a short walk into Cambridge for lunch, they got back to more two hour tutorials.

After all the tutorials and other academic features of the day were done, the students had a few minutes to relax before a walking tour of Cambridge. This was the students’ first opportunity to have a thorough look round what both the city and the university have to offer, as well as their chance to visit Cambridge colleges other than Queens’ such as Pembroke and Emmanuel.  

The evening entertainment was Immerse Education’s “Big Fat Quiz”. This allowed students to come forward and demonstrate their general knowledge brought with them from cultures around the world. Not only that, but they also got to see some embarrassing baby photos of the Immerse Education mentors. Team ‘Uncle Sam’ won by a whisker, but all the students had a fantastic time.


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