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Lena Medicine Blog
Lena Medicine Blog

Tuesday, 11 August

I started my Tuesday morning a little earlier and had a nice little workout before heading to breakfast. Over coffee and croissants, we chatted about past events and courses. As the weather here is often indecisive, we really enjoyed sitting in one of Sidney Sussex Colleges beautiful courts before going to classes. There’s always some friendly banter going on in our international group, and we never fail to find things to laugh about. 

Lessons were amazing – as always. We covered experimental medicine, Clinical trials, ageing and more. Our tutor gives us densely packed information and interesting facts in a way that enables us to connect new material with what we already know. We had some time to work on our personal projects and ask questions.

Lunch break came quickly, and a group of friends and I went to get Japanese food and stroll through shops. We then had some exceptionally delicious ice cream.

During afternoon lessons, we had some discussions about bioethics, which was equal parts interesting and enjoyable. From there, we rushed to afternoon activities, which was a game of Dragons Den – in groups, we pitched ideas and presented them. 

This left us all parched, and we had dinner in Sidney Sussex’ cafeteria, sitting with friends we grew close to these past few days. Again, this left me giddy with laughter and a bit melancholic when thinking about the oncoming end of the programme.

We then had a bit of spare time before our evening activity started: we had a guest speaker, Jo Morton-Brown, who talked to us about mental health and wellbeing. This wasn’t only incredibly informative but also a lovely change of topics.

After some quick chats with friends, I welcomed the comfort of my bed, my head full of exciting new things.

Lena, Sidney Sussex, Session 5 – Medicine


Blog - Placebos and Pitches - by Lena - Medicine

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