Rugby and Football; Work Hard, Play Hard

As always students started off the day with a hearty breakfast to energise themselves for the rigorous day of academic sessions. The menu included a choice of English breakfast items, half eaten birthday cake, nearly-off innocent smoothies and a questionable bright green melon juice.

The college that the students had the opportunity to visit today was the renowned Jesus College, known best for its incredibly modern student lounge and mediocre rugby team.

A diverse range of sports were on offer in the afternoon for those keen for a run around. A new addition to the choice of sport was the very popular touch rugby. Sure enough the pack of eager students took a while to fully grasp the rules of the game with shouts of “Get onside!” and “You can’t pass forward!” ringing out through the pitch. But with time, the novices soon became seasoned veterans with a number of skilful tries scored throughout the duration of the day.

Football Gets Intense

On pitch two, an intense match of football took place in which both mentors and mentees locked horns with one another leaving the scoreboard at 9-9 by full time. The defensive star of this match was none other than Orlando, who used all parts of his body, from his knees to the front of his face, to fend of the oppositions attempts on goal. Manuel dominated the offence with skill and finesse, still managing to retain possession despite being swarmed by a large numbers of the other team as well as somehow scoring a goal with his backside for halfway across the pitch. Honourable mention goes to our mentor Dylan who was put out of commission due to “a questionable calf” but still managed to lead his team from the side line during the second half.

To round up the day, students had the chance to explore the darker, less talked about side of Cambridge’s history during the evening ghost tour. With the scene set by the darkening sky, students were taken around the streets of Cambridge and were told stories of various spirits that haunted different landmarks of the city. They were then given the difficult task of getting to sleep after those ghastly tales!


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