Three legs are better than one at Immerse Sports Day

immerse sports day
immerse sports day

Today marked the end of the first week’s teaching on Immerse Education Session 1. It has been a busy week, but one which has seen friendships blossom and knowledge gained as the participants have thrived in their new learning environment.

For a number of students, Running Club with Immerse Mentor Etienne and Yoga Club with Immerse Mentor Chris meant an early rise. For the remaining participants, the day began with another fantastic breakfast in Sidney Sussex dining hall. Again, a wide variety of cereals, fruit, yoghurts, pastries and cooked items were on offer, allowing participants and mentors the opportunity to chat over a morning coffee and prepare themselves for the day. The morning academic sessions demonstrated the wide variety of academic fields that can be studied at Immerse: the Medics performed DNA extractions and organ dissections; the Biology students held debates on the legality of smoking and the punishment of parents who fail to vaccinate their children; the Chemistry students learnt about thermodynamics; and the Philosophy students engaged with Aristotle and Descartes.

At lunchtime, in addition to a picnic in the picturesque gardens of Sidney Sussex, participants were given the opportunity to explore one of the other colleges of Cambridge: Downing College. This mentor-led tour, designed to help participants with the difficult task of choosing a college to apply to, offered an insight into life and study at Downing College. Afternoon academic sessions provided an opportunity for participants to consolidate on the week’s learning. Homework was set for the weekend.

The afternoon academic sessions were followed by the Immerse Education Sports Day. Participants competed as mentor families for the glory of victory across a number of team sports and athletic events. These included volleyball, ultimate frisbee, an egg-and-spoon race, a three-legged race, a wheelbarrow race and a team relay. 

After a tiring day, the participants retreated to Sidney Sussex for dinner. Tonight’s evening activity was the much-anticipated Movie Night. After some debate, participants decided to watch British spy action comedy Johnny English. With plentiful popcorn distributed, participants settled in for a relaxed evening before an early night in preparation for the Oxford Trip the next day.

Another exhilarating day at Immerse Education. Bring on the weekend trips!


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