Sports Day!


An air of excitement filled the hall as the participants tucked into their breakfast of champions – today was sports day! All that could be heard was murmurs of the upcoming competition. What would the teams be? What sports would we play? Who would take home the ultimate prize?

The Competition Heats Up

First, there was a full morning of tutorials during which the participants delved even deeper into the wide variety of topics they had chosen. Behind the scenes, preparations were underway for what some were calling ‘the most anticipated sports event of the 21st century.’ Pitches were being marked out, equipment was being organised and player press conferences were being arranged. As can only be expected from athletes of this calibre, the participants opted for a light lunch containing the perfect amount of slow release carbohydrates to fuel them for the afternoon. After the second set of tutorials the participants rushed out of the classrooms and headed straight for the player changing rooms. Within 15 minutes, all returned, sporting headbands, short shorts and football shirts, eager to hear their teams. Players all donned face paint in their team’s colours, although some applied it more liberally than others, and then the walk began with rumours of an ‘all mentor’ team spreading. The tension could be cut with a knife – tactics were discussed, team names were made and every participant got their head in the game.

Ultimate Frisbee Time

The competition started off with Ultimate Frisbee, a game never before played by some of the participants. This wasn’t obvious however, with pairings such as Chris and Emelia seamlessly tearing other teams apart. Yuval and Zohayb opted for some rather unorthodox tactics, utilising only the long range forehand, whilst the mentor team didn’t manage to match their pre-tournament hype. Next it was onto Rounders. Gabrielle stepped up to the plate early on, blasting her team through match after match and James’ quick feet left most other teams immersed in a cloud of dust. Once again the mentors failed to show up with Julie’s fast pitching striking them out one after another. As the last ooo’s and aaa’s were cheered and the last drop of sweat was dripped, the day of sport drew to a close. Everyone had played everyone, but who had triumphed to claim the sugary treat that awaited? The scores were counted over a much needed dinner. In the end it was the multi-coloured team who came out on top, winning the Immerse Education Sports Day 2014 graciously.

“I think we all agree, sport was the real winner here.” Tash

“At the end of the day it’s the team who gets the most points that wins” Jay

“I think I could play professional ultimate Frisbee” Chris

The evening saw the students return to the classrooms for group workshops led by the mentors. These added to the lessons they already receive by giving a student’s perspective on the course and on personal statement writing. All the participants said they found it very helpful and provided a special insight into university applications. Medicine, History and Political Sciences were just a few of the workshops being run to end what had been such an active and exciting day.


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