Sun, Sports and Science

Friday the 13th brought only good luck and great weather to Immerse Education as the first week of session one drew to a close. The students so far have only positive things to say about their academic sessions, with those studying International Relations particularly complimentary of their course structure, content and teacher.

A tour of the newly opened Zoology Museum in Cambridge was arranged for the students between the academic sessions. Both mentors and students marvelled at the curious creatures and spectacular species in what is a wonderfully curated exhibition. Its re-opening in Cambridge has been long-awaited and it most definitely did not disappoint.

In the early afternoon once sessions had ended different activities across all three colleges kicked off. St Catharine’s students took a beautiful punting trip down the River Cam, equipped with lots of sun cream, water, and parasols! They were chauffeured by a punt tour guide who told them some of the more obscure facts about Cambridge, including the fact that Trinity College owns the O2 arena. The students really enjoyed the outings, and all returned without sunburn!

Sports in the Sun

It appears that not only are the Immerse students brilliant and bright, they’re also veritable athletes! Sidney Sussex held a sports afternoon on the wide grounds of Jesus Green where rounders, touch rugby, ultimate Frisbee, and croquet was played. Everyone got stuck in, making it a wonderful occasion for bonding through team talks, tactical decisions and celebrations. Short of awarding teams sporting Blues, all the mentors were truly impressed by the students’ sporting efforts. Christ’s took a more relaxed approach to exercise with a peaceful yoga session held in the Sidney gardens.

A wonderful day at Immerse ended with a movie night for all students hosted by St. Catharine’s college in their swanky facilities. The students enjoyed ‘Kingsmen’, a film about an unrefined but promising street kid who is recruited into a spy organisation and its ultra-competitive training program. Munching on popcorn and treats and relishing the chance to meet students stationed at different colleges, it was a lovely, relaxing evening.

All photos by Catarina Rodrigues.


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