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8 Reasons Why You Should Go On a Summer Course


1. Get a crash course in a subject you may want to study at university:

More than anything, a summer course is meant to help you to explore your academic options. Having gone to Immerse Education in 2014, and studied the International Relations programme, it consolidated my decision to apply for Politics & International Relations at university.

2. Study in a city where academic geniuses have presided decades, and even centuries, before you:

The location of Immerse Education is truly magical. You get the experience to live like a university student, in college accommodation, with other fellow students as your neighbours. Not to mention, Cambridge as a city is an experience in itself. The towers of King’s College Chapel are majestic, the cobbled streets reveal the history of one of the major world hubs of academia, and the Fitzbillies Chelsea buns will undoubtedly change your life.

3. The extra benefits:

Yeah you have to study during the weekdays and attend lessons (which, by the way, are fantastically enjoyable), but the Immerse Education summer course offers so much around it. Social events, excursions, trips and general free time lets you explore, new parts of Cambridge, and even places that extend far beyond Cambridge. Learn how to play croquet, experience you first ever ‘bop’, hop on a bus to ‘the other place’ (i.e. Ox**rd), and enjoy some free time strolling around the Cambridge market square with your new friends.


4. Speaking of friends:

Immerse Education brings together people your age from all over the world. The international experience that the programme offers is a learning experience in itself, and two weeks don’t seem to be nearly enough to get to hear about everyone’s backgrounds and stories. Three years on, and I still keep in contact with some of the friends I made in Cambridge of the summer of 2014.

5. A University application’s dream:

Lets not forget – having attended a summer course is also a fantastic way of showing universities your dedication to, and passion for, the subject you may be applying for.

6. Tips and advice:

Not only do you get to explore a subject of your choice, but the Immerse Education summer tutors offer to help you with interview practice, personal statement advice and they are more than willing to answer any questions you might have about university in general. What more could you want, then the real inside knowledge about getting into university?


7. University preparation:

Regardless of the subject you might be studying for the two weeks that you attend the course, the whole experience gives you an insight as to what uni life might be like. Like I mentioned earlier, you live like a uni student, and that helps to make the transition for when you actually go slightly less daunting.

8. If none of these reasons have persuaded you to go, then this will:

The two weeks that I attended Immerse Education turned out to be the best weeks of my entire summer that year. The friends I made, the ability to explore a subject that I enjoyed so freely, and the opportunity to live in a fantastic city like Cambridge – well, I don’t know what else to say except that this is not an experience you’ll want to miss out on.


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