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Residential Programmes
Multi-disciplinary programmes that cover a variety of interesting and engaging content designed to illuminate potential paths for ambitious young people.
An invaluable experience of academic discovery
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Live and learn in a Cambridge University college

available Symposia residential programmes

  • Female Future Leaders
    Symposia • 16-18 years old
    16-18 years
    Our first ever all-female course welcomes bright and motivated participants from around the world. Students will develop key leadership skills such as motivation, emotional intelligence, project management and critical thinking.

The Immerse Education programme is a useful experience for both learning and personal career. I learned a lot, met new people, understood new concepts and most importantly I enjoyed it a hundred percent. You get an overview of many topics and realize the world behind what you don’t know about. In my opinion, this was the best choice I could ever make at this age.

Anna K
Attended Immerse in 2019
Current undergraduate of the Imperial College London
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Download brochure

About Symposia Programmes

A “symposium” is a conference of intelligent minds coming together the discuss, explore and analyse different types of content.

Our symposia programmes are multi-disciplinary courses that cover a wide variety of material that has been carefully designed to stimulate and inspire you to find your place in the world.

The courses are ideal for ambitious and motivated young people who are still deciding on the direction of their life, and want to learn about the choices they have available to them.

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