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Choosing to study in Ireland, Europe’s second-largest island, could be an incredible, enriching experience that propels your career. Ireland boasts world-leading innovative universities with a total of over 5,000 degree programmes. 

Living and studying abroad is an amazing cultural experience that provides international knowledge as well as an opportunity to stretch your wings. 

So why study abroad in Ireland, specifically Dublin? Let’s find out about these lush green lands and its universities can offer students academically and personally. What are the benefits of studying in Dublin, Ireland? Let’s see…

Why study in Dublin? 8 Enticing Reasons

Ireland has one of the best education systems in the world, and it hosts many international students as well as international companies. It’s an island nation on the western edge of Europe renowned for its beautiful green landscapes, rich history, and friendly and welcoming people. 

The opportunity to study in Ireland for international students is one with great potential for a truly enjoyable learning experience. If you’re asking, “Should I study abroad in Dublin,” here are eight benefits to consider. 

1. Programmes are diverse

Ireland has seven top-level universities and more than 5,000 degree programmes available in all its institutions combined. These range from traditional subjects like science, medicine, and engineering to cutting-edge options like digital marketing and AI. There are also plenty of options in business and the arts. 

Universities and colleges are globally connected, and graduates can expect to go on to careers all over the globe. Irish universities are in the top 1% of research institutions in the world, so it’s no surprise the country has research facilities from well-known global firms. It’s proud to boast that it is a global research leader in areas such as chemistry, nanotechnology, immunology, agriculture, materials science, and mathematics.
If you’re thinking of studying in Dublin, then Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin are both ranked in the top 200 universities worldwide. Ireland itself was ranked in the top 10 for education by IMB World Competitiveness Ranking 2019 and has the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, University College Cork and the National University of Ireland in Galway.

2. Explore breathtaking natural beauty

This beautiful country lets you experience all four seasons, although winters aren’t as cold as in North America or Northern Europe. Ireland has rolling hills, stunning lakes, and rugged cliffs, and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Celtic Sea to the south, and the Irish Sea to the east (with a ferry crossing available to the rest of the UK). It’s possible to drive around Ireland non-stop in less than a day, so if you love the ocean and are looking for a place to explore when you take a break from studying, making it a great choice. 

3. Courses are offered in English

Ireland is an English-speaking country – although many citizens speak Irish, its Gaelic language, also known as Gaeilge. Street and road signs can be found in English and Irish, and you’ll hear Irish chatter everywhere. College and university courses will be delivered in English, and Ireland offers the opportunity to immerse in an English-speaking environment, with many universities offering support to international students who wish to improve their English language skills.

4. It’s a happy, safe, friendly country

Dublin is truly welcoming and diverse, with incredibly friendly residents and lively pubs and bars featuring traditional music and also literary experiences. There are also festivals and events to attend and museums and art galleries to peruse. Ireland offers a safe environment for personal and academic growth. It consistently ranks in the top countries for quality of life and as a peaceful country. 

5. The cost of living is low

The Irish economy is one of the fastest growing in Europe and has been ranked as highly competitive. Where you study in Ireland may influence your cost of living, as will your lifestyle, but an estimate from Education Ireland puts student spending between €7,000 and €12,000 per year.

Education and tuition fees are generally viewed as affordable in Ireland, and international students will have opportunities to work part-time while studying. Tuition fees are higher for international students than for Irish or EU students but can be lower than in other English-speaking countries.

6. Cities are smaller but vibrant

Ireland has a population of around 5 million. Its cities aren’t as populated as many other countries’ university cities, but they are well-equipped, easy to traverse, modern, and have vibrant social vibes, sharing Irish culture and heritage. It’s classed as a young country. A third of the population is under 25 years old. 

Dublin came first in the 2020 Condé Nast list of Europe’s friendliest cities and is truly cosmopolitan whilst also being the gateway to exploring beaches, cliffs, mountains, and trails in Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way and Ancient East.

7. Join thousands of international students

It’s estimated that Ireland hosts approximately 32,000 international students from over 160 countries, having increased its international student numbers over the last decade. This diversity, combined with Ireland’s overall inclusivity and friendliness, makes for amazing cultural experiences.

8. Ireland is home to many multinational companies

Ireland’s thriving environment attracts more than just students. Apple, Amazon, eBay, Skype, Microsoft, Google, Samsung and Slack all have operations in the country. That’s five of Forbes Top 10 companies to explore internship opportunities whilst you study! There are also many of the world’s top retailers, and pharmaceutical and financial companies. The Bloomberg Innovation Index 2021 ranked Ireland as the 17th most innovative country in the world. 

Ireland also offers post-study work visas of up to one or two years, which can give international students the opportunity to apply for permanent residency. Career opportunities abound in software and technology, engineering, food and agriculture, medtech, and pharmaceuticals. 

These are just eight reasons to study abroad in Dublin, but there are many more. 

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