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Creative Writing Prompts For Middle School Students


Creative Writing Prompts for middle school students is a fun list to help unmotivated and uninspired students use their imagination. Do you know one of the major reasons why students struggle with their writing growth is a lack of inspiration and guidance? This can result in low creative thinking leading to lower-quality work and poor confidence.

With these creative writing prompts specifically tailored to middle school students, you’ll have a starting point for your writing. There’s nothing like a spark of inspiration to get you going! Do you need more structured guidance from Oxbridge tutors to give you a massive boost in your creative writing skills? Check out our most in-demand creative writing summer school!

Are you ready to dive in and feel inspired by exciting writing prompt ideas? Read on!

The Best Writing Prompts for Middle School

Before getting started, you may want to delve deeper into some creative writing examples to get into the swing of things. If you’ve done that, then here are a few of the best writing prompts for middle school students that help spark creativity:

  1. Who’s your favourite character in a book? Try journaling from the character’s perspective.
  2. What topic are you passionate about? Write a persuasive essay on the topic. 
  3. Think about your favourite place on Planet Earth. Write a descriptive essay about it.
  4. Write a story that begins with the sentence, “It was a dark and stormy night.”
  5. If you had a time machine, where you would go and what you would do.
  6. Recall a memorable emotion or experience. Write a poem about it. 
  7. Think about a current event you find interesting. Write a news article about it. 
  8. Who would you approach if you could ask for advice from anyone, living or dead? Write them a letter. 
  9. Imagine you’re an astronaut travelling through space. Write a journal entry about your experience.
  10. What’s one of the most memorable moments in your life? Write a personal narrative about it. 
  11. Write a short story about a character who overcomes a challenge or obstacle.
  12. What topic did you learn about recently? Write an informative essay about it.
  13. Write a fictional diary entry from the point of view of a historical figure.
  14. What specific animal do you find beautiful? Write a descriptive poem about it.
  15. Describe your hopes and dreams for the next five years via a letter to your future self. 
  16. Imagine that you are stranded on a deserted island. Write a story about your experience.
  17. Write a scene in a play in an unusual setting.
  18. What place would you like to visit? Write a descriptive paragraph about it. 
  19. Write a personal reflection about a significant event or experience and what you have learned from it.
  20. What’s your favourite animal? Write a fictional story from your fave animal’s perspective.

Creative Story Ideas: 34 Story Starters and Prompts for Middle Schoolers

  1. A magical pen that brings drawings to life
  2. A group of friends find a hidden treasure map.
  3. A world where animals can talk
  4. A robot who develops human emotions
  5. A strange creature is discovered in the depths of the ocean.
  6. A character who can see into the future
  7. A young detective solves a series of mysterious crimes.
  8. Teenage superhero navigates the challenges of middle school while saving the world.
  9. A group of middle school students stumble upon a secret government experiment.
  10. The magical kingdom is hidden in a scary forest.
  11. A vengeful ghost haunts the basketball court at a small school.
  12. Time-travel adventure to the Wild West 100 years ago. 
  13. Friends have to save their town from a massive alien invasion.
  14. A character who learns to communicate with animals to save them from illegal hunters.
  15. A future world where AI technology controls everything.
  16. A distraught character who can control time and tries to change their past.
  17. Four teenagers go on a survival camping trip that turns into a nightmare.
  18. The magical creature must find a way back home against the efforts of evil humans who want to use its powers for their own purposes.
  19. A young girl discovers she was born 500 years ago.
  20. An orphan wakes up with no memory of who they are until they accidentally stumble upon an oddly familiar house.
  21. Students accidentally open a portal to another dimension and try to find their way back home fast because their final exam is a week away.
  22. A terrifying monster lives beneath the city streets. So why did it start terrorising the city all of a sudden?
  23. A gamer gets stuck in a video game. How can said gamer get out? Do they even want to?
  24. A middle school student starts having foreboding dreams that come true. What is the universe trying to warn them?
  25. Students attend a school for monster-slaying magic. So what monsters are they fighting against?
  26. A group of kids discover a secret underground society they must fight to save modern civilisation.
  27. An old man saves his town from a natural disaster in 13 minutes. 
  28. The dragon wakes up from a century-long slumber. Only to discover it’s the only one left.
  29. The robot becomes self-aware and must navigate human emotions.
  30. A young inventor creates a machine that can read minds for a sinister purpose.
  31. A magical place where everyone has a special ability gets tangled up in a civil war.
  32. Supernatural mystery in an old, abandoned mansion that can save the world from a looming threat.
  33. A haunted amusement park contains secrets that can solve a criminal case.
  34. A young scientist creates a potion that can make people fly.
  35. An evil character can control the elements. How will the average human hero stop them?

Writing Prompts for Stories That Start with Dialogue for Middle Schoolers

  1. “I can’t believe you did that,” John says to his best friend. Write a story about what John’s best friend did. 
  2. “I wish I could go back in time and change everything,” laments Jane. Write a story about Jane’s regrets. What would she do differently if given a chance?
  3. “I found something bizarre in the backyard,” said Tom to his sister. Write a story about what Tom found. How did the discovery change their lives? 
  4. “I can’t do this anymore!” screamed Sarah to her parents. What is Sarah complaining about? How did her parents react?
  5. “I’m going to run away,” whispers Michael to his classmates. Why does Michael plan on running away? What happens when he does?
  6. “I knew you were hiding something,” said Jack to his friend. Write a story about Jack’s discovery and how it affects their friendship.
  7. Blake cries to her family, “I’m not who you think I am!” 
  8. Write a story about how Alex stands up for himself against a bully. Starting with this line: “I’m not going to take it anymore,” 
  9. “I think we might be lost,” whimpers Lucy to her friends. Where are Lucy and her friends? Why did they get lost in the first place?
  10. Ryan is grappling with a massive decision. Begin the story with “I think this is a sign.”
  11. The principal walks through the hallway, saying to Teacher Clare, “Help your students cope with the recent tragedy that plagued our halls.” What happened?

General Creative Writing Ideas for Middle School Students

Here is a list of prompts to get those creative juices flowing:

  1. Talk about a time you were so happy you wish the moment would last forever.
  2. You went to art class with a blind friend. How would you describe the painting to them? Use descriptive words.
  3. If you could go on your dream vacation today, what would it be like?
  4. Make a list of the most thought-provoking questions you can come up with.
  5. You’re about to meet your favourite celebrity. What interview questions would you ask them?
  6. If you could choose what happens next in your life until death, what will your story look like?
  7. Imagine how your favourite pet was created and use procedural writing to describe the process.
  8. If you were to insert yourself in a book you read, how would you change the story?

Want more fun writing prompts? Check these out! Write a/an:

  1. Short story about reluctant writers whose writing changes the world.
  2. Acrostic poem about friendship or love.
  3. Science fiction story about a futuristic world where your favourite toy is a legendary weapon with fearsome power.
  4. Letter that will help inspire your past self when you were in a difficult part in your life.
  5. Personal narrative about a memorable event from your childhood.
  6. Descriptive paragraph about a person you admire.
  7. Write a horror science fiction story about a world where technology is advanced beyond our current understanding.
  8. Background story for your least favourite side character.
  9. List of the benefits of writing. Use persuasive writing
  10. Instructional essay on how to make a magical portal.
  11. Mystery story where the main character finds the missing heirloom of an ancient noble family.
  12. Story about a boy who became a millionaire because of a video game idea.
  13. Personal letter to a historical figure, asking questions or seeking advice.
  14. Descriptive poem about a specific season or weather.
  15. Story about time travel and the consequences of changing the past.
  16. Fun story about a cross-country road trip you would like to take.
  17. Story about a character who is an outsider and how they find a sense of belonging.
  18. Terrifying story about a person haunted by a past event and how they come to terms with it.
  19. Heroic story about a character who journeys to discover their true identity.
  20. Persuasive letter to a public figure expressing your thoughts on a current issue

Journaling Prompts for Middle School Writing

Here are journal prompts for middle school kids:

  1. Describe your hometown.
  2. What’s your favourite season, and why?
  3. What are your greatest fears? Do you want to overcome them? Why or why not?
  4. Where would you go if you could go anywhere?
  5. Write a descriptive paragraph about your favourite food and why you like it.
  6. What’s the meaning of your life? Use reflective writing.
  7. What’s your favourite food and what does it remind you of?
  8. If you won the lottery today, what would you buy?
  9. Do you have a pet dog? How do you feel about your furry friend?
  10. Choose one event in your life you wish didn’t happen. Why?
  11. What’s your dream dinner party?
  12. Would you rather become a normal person or a superhero? Why?
  13. Who would you call first when you’re in a dangerous situation?
  14. When was the time you felt most peaceful? Describe what was happening.
  15. Do you enjoy story writing? Why or why not?
  16. What are your top 3 greatest accomplishments so far?
  17. If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?
  18. What’s the most embarrassing experience you’ve had?
  19. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? Why?
  20. What’s your dream job? Why?
  21. Describe your ideal friend.
  22. Imagine you are stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you want to have with you?
  23. Write about a time you tried something new and what you learned from the experience.
  24. What’s the most beautiful movie science you’ve seen? Describe it.
  25. If you could invent any item, what features would it have? And what is its purpose?

If you feel like challenging yourself then check out our high school creative writing prompts.

There you have it – a fun list of favourite writing prompts for middle schoolers to enjoy. What are your favourite ideas to write so far? And,


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