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What IB Subjects Should I Take For Law? Go For Essay-Based


“What IB Subjects Should I Take For Law?” is a popular question among aspiring Law students. Becoming a Lawyer is a long and arduous process. With many decision-making stops along the way. 

How do you make heads or tails of it all?

Fortunately, we ensure our Law summer school students receive personalised 1:1 guidance from expert Law tutors. So they’re confident in their next steps in education.

We’ve also compiled a list of the best UK universities for law with their IB entry requirements. For you to have a better idea of what IB grades and potential subjects to aim for.

What IB Subjects Should I Take For Law? 

Universities don’t often require a specific IB subject for you to choose. However, taking an essay-based subject is highly recommended. 

On rare occasions, some do require a particular IB subject. For instance, the University of Glasgow requires Higher Level English for application. 

Although universities don’t usually specify what IB subjects to take, they do state the required grade. Check out what IB grade the following top UK universities for Law require: 

University of Oxford 

38 (with core points.) At least 666 at HL (Higher Level)

University of Cambridge

40-42 points, with 776 at HL

University College London 

Standard Offer – 39 points, including a total of 19 in three HL subjects. No HL score should be below 5. 

Contextual Offer – 32 points, including a total of 15 in three HL subjects. No HL score should be below 5. 

Durham University

38 points, with 666 in HL subjects.

King’s College London

Standard Offer – 35 points (including TOK/EE,) with 766 at HL.

Contextual Offer – 35 points (including TOK/EE,) with 665 at HL. 

University of Glasgow

38 (6,6,6 HL) – 34 (6,5,5 HL) with HL English

Queen Mary University London

Minimum 36 points, with 666 from three HL subjects

What IB subjects should you take for Law? At least one of your subjects should be essay-based!


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