A Trip to London Town!


With 100,000 cyclists descending on central London this weekend, we decided this was the perfect time to take 250 participants to visit! Due to several road closures and diversions we had the opportunity to do our own impromptu bus tour of London, which coincidentally served as a great sight-seeing trip of the city!

Time to Hit (London) Town

The group then split into three; visiting the Science Museum, National Gallery and The British Museum. Each group had a chance to explore a range of exhibits, with several highlights.  Groups visiting the national gallery were lucky enough to see Vincent Van Gough’s ‘Sunflowers’ and many other impressive artworks. Aspiring mathematicians were able to able to experience The Winton Gallery – a new Maths exhibit at the Science Museum.

Participants took a break from the formal dining rooms of Cambridge, and instead tried a range of authentic foods from London restaurants. Black cabs, red phone boxes and the Queen’s Guard; what can compare to the distinctive delights and sights of London town?

The excitement of the London Eye was enough to motivate everyone to make the walk across Central London. Coming over Westminster Bridge we had a postcard view of London, with Big Ben, the London Eye and Houses of Parliament all in view. After nearly losing some participants who were more interested in taking selfies than following the rest of the group, we made it to the eye. The view was so impressive that students were using their back camera more than the front for once!

Most coaches managed to park very close to the eye, leading to a prompt departure. (Shout out to the driver of Coach 2 who was incapable of finding his way across the river, leading to yet another ‘walking tour’). With all participants loaded the coaches began to make their way back to Cambridge, which many of the participants are now calling ‘home’.

The corridors were eerily quiet in College tonight, with the participants very tired from their weekend excursions and ready for another 9am start tomorrow…


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