A Formal Farewell

party and formal hall
party and formal hall

The final day of Immerse Education session one began like any normal day. A full English breakfast in hall followed by brief trips into town or final preparations for class. Students wishing to remember the wonderful two weeks spent enjoying a taste of university life are now proudly wearing ‘stash’ emblazoned with the Cambridge crest, completely looking the part.

Without an afternoon activity planned the students had the opportunity to tie up loose ends, buy gifts for family and begin packing away their rooms. However, most students used their free time to don their glad rags for an evening of festivities with graduation and formal hall and the final night party.

Time to Graduate and Then Get Formal

The graduation ceremony was a heartfelt occasion. Despite the short span of time spent in each other’s company the atmosphere was one of familiarity and affection. The mentors had the opportunity to reflect and praise the students who had fully immersed themselves in the course and all the opportunities that had been offered to them. For many the programme has been the first, if not the longest period of time spent away from home but everyone has risen to the demands and pressures amazingly. A special mention must be said to Tom and Sarah, the programme directors for all their hard work in arranging what was a spectacular summer programme. All 150 students were then treated to a delicious three course formal dinner at Christ’s College.

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Whilst dinner was underway, the mentors worked tirelessly behind the scenes to set up the final night party. Having kept the theme secret from the students (despite their persistent questioning), it wasn’t long before they would have their first glimpse of a party that has been two weeks in the making. The students entered the 16th century dining hall firmly in the present, and yet emerged from dinner in the future, 2050!  Having transformed the beautiful historic buildings into a futuristic wonderland, the scene was set for an incredible party for the final night of Immerse Education session 1.

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With a silent disco, arcade games, a DJ, and even film screenings of The Blade Runner and The Matrix, there was plenty to keep the students entertained until 12.00am when the party ended. After heartfelt goodbyes and hugs the students returned to their rooms to rest before home time tomorrow.

Saturday saw the students from session one trickle and leave slowly and move on to the next adventure. From all the mentors and directors at Immerse Education, thank you all for a wonderful two weeks, and we wish you all the best in the future!

All photos by Catarina Rodrigues.


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