Arrival Day & Euro Final – Jesus College Session 2

Sunday, 11 July

Sunday promised to be an exciting day, with participants arriving and the programme kicking off. The morning began with the release of quarantining students, who were very glad to be out of their rooms and free to explore the college. 

The day continued, and more participants arrived, enjoying what had to be the highlight of the course – covid tests! With negative results in hand and smiles on faces, they emerged from their rooms to join the icebreaker games on the college sports fields. In the historical setting, football games and splat were quickly underway as the students got to know their fellow course members. We then had our first experience of the delicious Jesus dining hall food before gathering with excitement for the main event of the evening. 

Mentors doing the rounds with face paint in English and Italian colours could only mean one thing… it was the final of the European Football Championship! The atmosphere was electric as the students settled themselves in front of the big screens, having sworn their allegiance to one of the teams. Spirits were high, and ample refreshments flowing, and it promised to be an excellent first evening of the course. Tension rose as the game came down to the wire, but in the end, it was a disappointment for our English fans and joy for those supporting Italy. 

Following the match, students settled into their rooms for the night, looking forward to starting the academic sessions the following morning.

Mentor at Jesus College (16-18), Session 2


Blog - Arrival Day & Euro Final - Jesus College Session 2 (16-18)

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