Arrivals Day at Immerse Education!

Arrivals Day
Arrivals Day

Today was the day, arrivals day!  After much anticipation, the Immerse Education participants began to arrive at Christ’s College from all over the globe, from as far afield as Malaysia, Canada and Australia. Having settled in to their rooms, students and mentors set out on tours around Cambridge. We took in the beautiful St John’s college chapel, and admired punters along the backs in the sparkling sunshine. After the welcome talk, we enjoyed some delicious patisserie at dinner in Upper Hall, and headed for the arrivals day ice-breaking activities… These included Evolution, with some convincing chicken impressions, and a heated game of Zip Zap Boing. Several surprising discoveries were made (break dancers, you know who you are) and they certainly got everyone laughing. Suffice to say, the ice has been broken, and we await the first day of tutorials with excitement.


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