Immerse Participants Back in Mentor Families after Weekend of Excursions

mentor family
mentor family

After a fun-packed and busy weekend, the students settled back into their now familiar routine, attending their two academic sessions and continuing work on the various projects they are preparing for the end of the week. We can’t believe we are already into our last week!

At lunchtime, we had an Immerse photoshoot! Mentor families posed in the gardens of their colleges with our photographers, to immortalise their family bond with photos to keep forever.

After the afternoon academic session, students headed back to the River Cam and the punts – but this time, they were in charge! In groups of six, fearless students took to the water, taking turns to punt each other down the river past the beautiful ‘college backs’. Miraculously, nobody fell in!

After a well-earned dinner, our mentors led academic workshops focused on how to apply for and study their subjects at university. At the same time, our management students worked hard in private study, discussing and developing their projects. Working hard and playing hard – we’ll all sleep well tonight!


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