Cake By The Ocean…

After a tiring weekend, the participants had no time to stop as an exciting second week lay ahead of them.

Tutorials commenced as normal at 10:00am and many interesting topics were started or continued. The Law students were tackling the emotion and complexity of the criminal law whilst the International Relations students studied an article on Netflix.

During the lunch hour, one of the mentors escorted a small group for a tour around St. Catherine’s College. This college is next to Queens’ and was founded in 1473. It is a moderately sized college and is notable for its open court facing towards Trumpington Street, as opposed to a closed quadrangle.

For the afternoon activity, another group of students went with two mentors for a relaxing walk around the Botanical gardens. The gardens hold a collection of over 8000 plant species within 40 acres of land. It is such a peaceful escape from the city – the gardens are so close by yet it really feels like you can immerse yourself in the countryside.

After dinner, creativity came to the fore as the “Canvas and Cake” evening began. Students were able to paint individual pictures onto their own canvas whilst listening to music and eating a variety of different cakes. A rather therapeutic evening and perhaps just what the students needed after their busy weekend.

Also, Monday evening was the first set of one-to-one sessions. These are running throughout week two, for every student who wishes to sign up for a session, and include challenging mock interviews or individual help with their personal statements. It is a chance for the students to continue building upon what they have learnt so far at Immerse Education regarding the University admissions process. Having one-to-one time with a mentor studying their subject is an invaluable tool for their application. Therefore, overall, it was a very successful first day of the second working week at Immerse Education.



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