Cake, Canvas and Kayaking

cake and canvas
cake and canvas

Yesterday, despite the disruption from the woeful British weather, our participants were eager to take part in a variety of activities. Cake and Canvas, organised by our very own mentor Shefali, proved a massive hit. Whilst munching on cake, participants had the opportunity to showcase their creative talents. Paintings included subjects such as flowers, Cambridge city buildings and abstract forms. Perhaps most excitingly, one picture depicted the 2000s CBBC talent extraordinaire, Raven.

Today, participants had the opportunity to explore Newnham College. Arguably Cambridge’s most famous girls-only college, the gardens did not disappoint, with colourful flowers visible despite the downpour of rain. Mentees were also given a tour of the college’s wonderful library, exploring both the old and new parts of the facility. Our mentor James was very pleased with the plethora of Earth Sciences materials on offer.

This afternoon, students participated in one of three activities. These were: Brazillian drumming, Kayaking, and a tour of King’s College chapel. The latter was the most extravagant of the activity, with participants experiencing the stained-glass windows in all their glory, as the post-storm sunshine shone through. Tour-guide Maggie provided a wonderfully detailed historical overview of the chapel, covering topics such as the chapel’s architectural style and the story behind the images depicted in the windows.

This evening, our participants will be winding down with a popcorn-filled movie night. This will provide for a much-needed recharge before the big weekend, where mentees will be heading to both Oxford and London!

More updates soon.


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