From Krashball to Cake and Canvas!


The fourth day of Immerse session 2 began with scorching temperatures – the hottest day of the year so far!

After a warm first academic session, some students went on a tour round Selwyn and its lovely gardens, walking past Queens’ and Newnham on the way, as well as the Sidgwick Site where the humanities faculties are located.

The second lesson passed quickly, and students excitedly split up for their various activities. This afternoon, the three colleges swapped round, doing punting, drumming and Krashball – all three taking place at the same time! However, just before Christ’s were about to leave, England had its first (much-needed) rain in a month! After a tense wait, the skies cleared and sun returned – and they were off!

Time for Krashball

Brazilian drumming once again filled the Yusuf Hamied Centre with rhythm, whilst the punters had another stunning day in which to appreciate the historic beauty of Cambridge. The Christ’s Krashballers played competitively (despite being extremely sweaty in their plastic surroundings!) and the students beat the mentors in the final match – cue much celebrating!

Catarina Rodrigues

Having worked up an appetite, all three colleges ate in hall once again, then once more split to attend their chosen activities. At Christ’s, we hosted the fabulous speaker Abi Oyepitan, a two time Olympic Athletic champion with an inspirational journey. The students were impressed, motivated and moved by Abi’s talk; she spoke candidly about the challenges of success, and how her hard work shaped her path.

Catarina Rodrigues

Over in the Sidney Gardens, students and mentors combined to enjoy our ‘Cake and Canvas’ event. This was a lovely occasion for students from different colleges to mingle, whilst making masterpieces ranging from abstract finger painting to detailed portrait! The creativity was accompanied by tasty snacks and tunes in the beautiful gardens – a relaxing evening!


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