Immerse Education Kicks Off!

Immerse Education
Immerse Education

Immerse Education 2018 has officially kicked off! On Sunday our team of mentors located at Sidney Sussex, Christ’s and St. Catharine’s College were primed and ready for action to welcome students from all over the world. Although some journeys took an hour or less there were many who’d travelled as far as Hong Kong, Brazil and Australia. Needless to say, they were grateful to arrive and get settled before two jam-packed weeks of academic rigour and fun begins.

An Initial Briefing and an Ice Breaker

Tom, our programme director took the students through what they can expect from Immerse, from rules and regulations to the exciting activities we have lined up. The schedule includes punting along the Cam, a trip to Oxford and a chance for the students to test their athletic abilities at the sports day. This alongside two academic sessions a day is sure to keep our group of 150 students busy.

After a delicious dinner in beautiful dining halls, the mentors took their families through some icebreakers in the gardens. We had some energetic games of ‘Splat’, ‘Zip Zap Boing’ and Frown Kings and Queens were crowned. The ice was most definitely broken after a few rounds of the games and most students spent the evening chatting and making friends on the grass before an early bedtime at 10pm.

The next day marked the first full day of academic sessions in subjects as diverse as Chemistry and International relations. All students seemed super excited by getting to learn from world-leading experts in their field (if a little challenged by the subject matter). Later in the afternoon walking tours of Cambridge were offered to the students to get them better acquainted with the town and its rich history. The mentors also constructed a scavenger hunt and challenged the students to find a list of landmarks in under two hours. The winning group received a mystery prize for all their hard efforts.

After a well-deserved meal, students were challenged once more in general knowledge for Quiz Night. Mentor families went head to head to win the ultimate accolade at Immerse Education, that of knowing the most useless information.

Following such a busy day, sleep was the only thing left to do!


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