Fleek Fridays and Lost Lanyards


Today marks the final set of classes for week one. Students are slightly tired at this stage, if only from the intense mix of socialising, study and a whole range of other activities that have been on offer. Spirits are still high however, and students are still very much engaged by their subjects.

During lunchtime, participants had the option of visiting the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, the Centre of Computing History and the Sedgewick museum (Earth Sciences). These are just a few of the many, many museums that Cambridge has on offer, and exploring the history of their subjects provided some context to the areas of interest for students.

A Trip to the Gardens

The afternoon activities were varied. One group visited the Botanical Gardens which boast some of the finest trees and plants in Cambridge. Unfortunately, one of the lanyards of a participant ended up nestled in one of the trees. A supposedly relaxing outing became slightly more challenging than intended! One participant commented that it had been the best garden she had ever visited and wanted one at home!

In the evening, students had the option of joining the Cake and Canvas session. As usual, participants showed an enormous amount of talent with the paint, glitter, and glue provided for them. The range of cakes was also a big appeal, including walnut, Victoria, lemon drizzle, and chocolate.

The other option was homework club, which continues to be very popular with those who are working on their stimulating class projects. As ever, some students are highly committed to their academic studies.

After an intense week of studying and socialising, we are all looking forward to the weekend excursions to Oxford and London!


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