Formal Hall to Krashball – Immerse Does it All!


Over the past two days, students have immersed themselves in the cultural and academic opportunities that Cambridge has to offer. Last night, our participants experienced St John’s college in all its glory, as they dined in the college formal hall. A fabulous array of attire was worn, from dazzling dresses to dapper suits. Afterwards, participants raved about the food served and spoke highly of the venue’s ambiance.

Today, participants embarked on their third day of lessons. International Relations scholars dived into the ongoing issues presented by nuclear politics, such as that of nuclear proliferation. They also discussed International Organisations such as the UN. Meanwhile, our Computer Science students submerged themselves into the nitty-gritty of coding.

This afternoon, our students were split into two groups. One half explored sunny Cambridge from the comfort of a punt. This was led by Anthony, a fabulously knowledgeable tour guide, and excellent punter. Seeing the colleges from a new perspective was certainly a memorable experience for all. Meanwhile, the other half of our mentees played a game of “Krashball” on Lammas land. Also known as bubble football, players participate by wearing inflatable bubble zorbs! Exciting stuff.

This evening, students will have the opportunity to be inspired once again, as they hear from motivational speaker Sarah Outen. The best-selling author will be spilling the beans on her incredible life-journey, hosting a Q&A session for inquisitive participants.

I look forward to hearing how our mentees get on, and have no doubt that they will make the most of the opportunities here at Immerse!

More tomorrow.


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