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Saturday saw Immerse Education Students switch from light to dark blue and make the journey to the Other Place. As Cambridge’s arch-rival in everything from academic performance to rowing, the stakes were high to see which illustrious university town would come out on top in the most important arena; the opinion of Immerse students.

Not So Bright on the Other Side

Now, the Immerse team may be biased, but if the weather was anything to go by, Oxford most definitely came in a strong second place. Leaving the bright and sunny streets of Cambridge, we arrived in Oxford to the sight of grand spires set to the gloomy backdrop of ominous storm clouds. Throughout the day, we were treated to surprise lashings of rain and wind (perhaps they knew Cantabs were in town?) which emptied the streets but did nothing to dampen our spirits!

Tall Tales and Oxford Dessert

After a wonderful walking tour filled with fascinating stories of bizarre Oxford traditions and tales, the students were free to explore the city and take in the sights. Many visited the world famous Ashmolean museum which houses none other than Lawrence of Arabia’s robes. Others decided to take shelter in the Covered Markets, a wonderful maze of trinkets, vintage collectables and delicious food.

The students, all slightly damp by the early evening then headed over to Wadham College and others Somerville College for a delicious formal. Some students with birthdays serendipitous enough to fall on the evening were treated to a hearty chant of ‘Happy Birthday’ and a special dessert. At the end of the day, the outcome of the definitive ‘Oxford versus Cambridge: Immerse Edition’, remained inconclusive. Alas, the rivalry has been left to rumble on.

The next day saw many students head for another exciting trip to London this time. After a morning of fascinating walking tours around St Paul’s and the central city, the students then sampled a London lunch and boarded a water taxi for a river tour of London. After such a luxurious way to see the sights of London, it was only fitting that the students were then treated to a three-course Italian meal.

Back in Cambridge, the remaining students attended an Academic Fair run by the CI mentors. The schedule was jam-packed full of informative talks regarding personal statements, applying to Oxbridge and later, subject-specific talks along with admissions tests and interviews. Each mentor was also running consultations for their specific subject which offered students a chance to ask more detailed questions about the intricacies of their chosen field. For many, however, it offered a taste of what university life could entail and for those unsure about what subject to pursue, a chance to gain better insight into many disciplines.


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