How to Make a Few Days Worth a Week – by Anna – Psychology

Graduation Anna Psychology
Graduation Anna Psychology

Thursday, 5 August 

Today’s programme consisted of classes, punting, and a formal dinner hosted by Gonville and Caius College; a college where many extremely well-known Nobel Prize Winners had graduated from. Although I did not expect any activity to surprise me more than our cultivating tour in Cambridge, today’s program proved itself to be an even lovelier experience. 

Even though our classes and our accommodation are situated at Sidney Sussex, we still have multiple opportunities to explore the whole city and, therefore, other Colleges. Especially during our punting tour, we were able to see the hidden river-side of multiple Colleges. During the guided punting, we were additionally introduced to enticing historical facts. For instance, the fact that the eagle on top of the King’s College main entrance is deliberately facing Trinity, signifying the rivalry between those two. Finding out about the history of Cambridge has enriched my knowledge about the UK. Not only that, but I also was able to embroil myself in the British culture by trying out specialities while dining in Gonville and Caius College. 

Most importantly, due to our similar mindset and goals, I have already been able to connect with people from various backgrounds. Making like-minded friends is motivating, as well as exciting. Frankly, the level of excitement never stagnates. Since our schedules are so tightly packed with enticing activities, we simply could never get bored. In fact, this stimulating environment has prompt us to keep seeking out the most of each experience. Even though I have only been here for four days, I gained more than I would have in an entire week. 

For these reasons, I am certain that the time here will come back with gratefulness, admiration and a compelling will to learn even more. That is why I encourage you to participate in the essay competition and enrol in the Immerse summer school program

Anna, Sidney Sussex, Session 5 – Psychology


Blog - How to make a few days worth a week – by Anna – Psychology

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