Immerse Day One, Day Fun!

Day One, Day Fun!

Today was the first full day of a jam packed two weeks of Immerse , and what we hope will be one of our participants’ best summer experiences. Mentors and participants started the day on a nutritious note, with a delicious breakfast at Queens’ college, before mentors showed participants to their various classrooms.

After what we hope was an engaging introduction to their subjects, participants had a two-hour lunch break. Mentors got together to provide various lunch time options: a relaxing picnic on Queens’ back gardens, a tour of Cambridge’s cafes, restaurants and food shops, and a brief tour of either King’s or Downing college. Before we all knew it, it was time for the participants to head back to class for their second academic session of the day.

Off to Walk the Town

Once classes were over, participants continued learning with an informative walking tour of central Cambridge (led by professional tour guides with a wealth of Cambridge-related knowledge). Participants got the chance to see many more colleges around town and some of the main department buildings. Some people on the tour even got fudge samples from an amazing little fudge shop on Kings Parade.

The day ended with a fun quiz competition that was preceded by formal dinner for some and informal dinner for others (to be swapped around later). The quiz was comprised of 9 rounds, which spanned topics from movies to Cambridge trivia, testing out which participants were the most attentive during the afternoon’s tour! The team with the highest score won chocolate, and so did the team with the best name (named “Reiss’ Peanut Butter Cups” after their mentor, Reiss!). Students returned to their rooms to get a good night’s rest before the next exciting day!


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