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Academic sessions continued today although for many today was the culmination of two weeks’ worth of hard work with projects and presentations due. The architecture students presented their plans and designs for a new entrance gate to Hughes Hall College while the mathematicians gave talks on their favourite historic mathematician. While the course has been challenging, it has provided all students with a taste of university life not only in content but also in time management and logistics.

Say Cheese!

At lunchtime, mentor family photos took place in each of the colleges. The weather was beautiful once more though the mood was tinged with an element of sadness and sentimentality. Both students and mentors alike began to acknowledge that the first session was drawing to a close and that their time at Immerse Education would soon be over. However, after such an intense two weeks it is no understatement to say that many have made friends for life.

Lunch time Enjoy
Water Sports

For afternoon activities students from Sidney finally got the chance to do some water sports up the River Cam, jumping into canoes and kayaks to show us their sporting skills. Meanwhile, both Christs and Catz went punting, but this time without the help of a tour guide. The students found that it was much more difficult than it looks, but somehow, they all managed to keep hold of the punting stick and everyone returned to dry land safely. A brilliant and energetic dance fusion routine by Dakshata and Tanushka kicked the talent show evening off, setting the tone for the amazing acts yet to come. Although performer’s nerves were apparent, it was wonderful to see so many overcoming the pressures of stage fright with beautiful execution. The audience, mentors and our two mentor judges were in awe of the array of talents on display from gorgeous piano performances by Alberto, Bhaarat and Temana, to amazing vocal stylings from Gursangeet, Sophie and Mireia.

Choosing a winner was such a daunting task in the face of these and many more wonderful performances, that our judges decided to adjourn for the evening and make their decision by the next morning to present at the graduation ceremony.

The evening was topped off with a surprise dance performance by the mentors, all decked out in cheerleader costumes. Our song of choice was, predictably, ‘Cheerleader’ by OMI, with the added flourish of the lyric ‘Cheerleader’ changed to ‘Mentor’ throughout! The students roared with laughter at our less than perfect moves and some poor timing that left a lot to be desired. At least we tried!

All photos by Catarina Rodrigues.


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