Immerse’s Trip to Oxford on Day 6!

As the first rays of morning sunlight infiltrated this beautiful city of intellectualism and immersive learning, our students awoke from their blissful slumber in order to prepare for a busy day of education, fun and transformational scholarship. Today was the big day: a trip to the other place (also known as Oxf*rd).

Due to the efficiency of our remarkable mentors, our students soon arrived in Oxford, the city of spires, Harry Potter merchandise and marginally inferior colleges.

First, was a quick peek into Balliol, whose opulent grandeur, plush lawns and bucolic ambience impressed, astonished and even astounded both mentor and mentee alike. Between them, our students collectively experienced much of what Oxford has offer; systematically dividing and conquering a plethora of sights, attractions and restaurants. Some students chose to sample the local cuisine; Nandos, Wagamama and McDonalds, whilst others supported some of the local Oxford shops and traditional British businesses, including Gucci, Balenciaga and Prada.

Christ Church was also a popular visit; many students journeyed past the porters’ lodge in the hopes of catching sight of a game of Quidditch or a lesson in the defence of the dark arts, or even a Harry Potter spell; alas the closest they came to this was when they heard Roger the college Dean chanting a Latin blessing. Additionally, students were given the option of banqueting in the sublimely beautiful dining hall of Balliol; we can safely assert that none of our students went hungry that night.

Satiated, exhausted, but delighted, our Immerse students journeyed safely home under the careful eyes of our fantastic mentors. Oxford was a delight, but I’m sure they all universally agreed that it was no Cambridge.


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