It was Quiz day at Sidney Sussex! by Alvin – Medicine

Thursday, 8 July

Today started pretty well, breakfast, then a registration before we met with our mentor family to chat about the last day and what to look forward to, then we went straight to lessons. Our first session of the day was on the respiratory system. The session’s highlight was when we did a pulse oximetry test and found out that quick breathing before holding breath, allows a person to hold their breath longer! Interestingly enough, I managed to numb a fellow classmate’s arm in the afternoon session due to multiple failed blood pressure measuring attempts.

After lessons, we took a trip to the Cambridge Botanical Gardens and temporarily escaped the work-intensive day: it was beautiful and relaxing after a hard day of work in the classroom.

The highlight of the day was the evening quiz in which our group came in second place. There were a number of different rounds picking on each team member’s expertise, so it was pretty challenging. I definitely excelled at the music round! Who knew that Agoraphobia is a fear of open spaces? Well, Anna (one of our Greek Cypriot participants) turned out to know as it comes from the Greek language! So we all learnt something new. We managed to get 10/10 for the final round, which has earned us some chocolate, ending this day in joy and excitement.

Alvin, Sidney Sussex, Session 1 (Medicine)


Blog - It was Quiz day at Sidney Sussex! Alvin - Medicine

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