Kayaking in Cambridge on the Cam!

Cam kayaking
Cam kayaking

Following the excitement of the weekend, Monday morning allowed the students to settle into a now familiar routine. In the halls of Christ’s, St. Catharine’s and Sidney Sussex the participants congregated to eat breakfast, register with their mentors, and prepare for the day. Although there was still no lack of tired faces, breakfast has grown livelier as the weeks have progressed and stronger friendships have formed. Among the baked beans and coffee participants could be heard gossiping about the weekend’s excursions and the upcoming talent show.

Following classes, mentors scattered across town to a series of different activities. One large group went to Jesus Green to play sports. Two intense football games were played, and a number of participants even tried their hand croquet, or as they called it: “that posh hammer game”.

The Challenge on the Cam

Another group went kayaking in the Cam, an activity that proved to be quite a challenge. One participant even ended up in the water! This does not bode well for the upcoming “self-punting” activity; will we have more participants getting wet before the week is out?

Following dinner a large group wondered down to the ADC theatre to watch the critically acclaimed musical “Six”; a comedy about the six wives of Henry VIII.  “It was good”, was our resident critic Kieran’s verdict. The show was preparing for a long run at the Edinburgh fringe, and elicited both laughs and tears from the audience. For those with less high-brow taste there was a screening of “21 Jump Street” back in college or a ghost tour in town. Here at Immerse we cater to all kind of interests.


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