Learning From All My New Friends – by Darsey – Architecture

Darsey Architecture1
Darsey Architecture1

Thursday, 22 July

I got up at 7:15 am and woke myself up with a hot shower. I then brushed my teeth and got dressed before heading down to breakfast with my friends. I had hash browns which were incredible, and some orange juice. After that, I headed back to my room and got all of my stuff for my lessons, including my laptop, because I had a presentation to give. My friends and I sat in Fellows Garden for a while until our lesson started, then went across the street to the classes and went to our classroom on the third floor for architecture. 

The first couple of hours consisted of lecturing and conversations about the renaissance and architecture at the time. Then, at lunch, my friends and I went across the street to Sainsbury’s and got a meal deal before making our way back to fellows garden and eating together as well as completing some work for our classes.

Then my afternoon lesson consisted of presentations given by each person in the class about an architect or piece of architecture they like or admire. I found it very interesting to see the different people everyone chose and the different reasons behind their decision. I think it helps to see what type of person everyone is and helps us focus on our interests. After lessons, everyone took part in a yoga class full of laughs- although I’m not sure it was meant to be- then enjoyed some free time before dinner. I spent this time working on my project for class and eating pizza whilst watching a film. 

Then there was the quiz night. We went through five rounds of different subjects- my team being very consistent with our five points per round- and enjoyed some music afterwards once the winners were announced. After this, we all went back to our rooms, where I had some time to work on my project, reading and then a very heavy night sleep.

Darsey, Sidney Sussex, Session 3 – Architecture


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