Oxford Trip! – by Malayeka

Sunday, 11 July

After an early start at 8 am, we began our journey to Oxford – Cambridge’s long-lasting rival. To begin with, we all collectively went on a mini-tour to get a feel for the city and see both the colleges and shopping areas. Subsequently, we went to have a formal lunch in one of Oxford’s college halls – the hall was beautiful and very big, although the atmosphere was incomparable to the more homey feeling Cambridge had due to the fact that our seating was more spaced out. 

Once we’d finished lunch, we were permitted free time to explore Oxford ourselves, which ended up being extremely fun (despite all of us splitting into different groups). As we toured around, we got ice cream and bubble tea, as well as going into random stores which looked cool. However, my friends and I did get slightly lost as we unknowingly walked in circles for 20 minutes; soon after realising, we decided using a map would probably be useful.

 On our way back to the coach, I spotted a small kiosk selling balloons and the inner child in me was inclined to go buy a balloon, so I ended up purchasing a Peppa pig balloon which my friend and I decided to adopt as our own. Once we arrived back at the coach, everyone saw the balloon and found it hilariously entertaining, so they decided to help us take care of our new balloon. 

The coach journey home was peaceful as almost everyone napped, but chaos arose as soon as we got back to college as someone had let Peppa float away… It was a tragedy, but to cheer ourselves up, we all went to Tesco to buy snacks whilst watching the England VS Italy game. Overall it was yet another fun-packed day at Immerse (even though England didn’t even win the match).

Malayeka, Sidney Sussex, Session 1


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