Pasta and Persistence

As everyone begins to settle into the rhythm of the Immerse Education day, students hit the ground running on their second day of academic sessions. Classes in the mornings saw a fresh determination in the faces of many students as they tackled the new difficulties of their subjects and shook off the weariness of Sunday’s travels. Morning classes were followed by another picnic on Christ’s Pieces, and students revelled in the opportunity to bask in the ongoing British sunshine and mingle with new and old friends staying in different colleges. Students returned to their classes in the afternoon and mentors enjoyed the positive reports that had been coming from the second day of classes as students settled into their groups and revelled in the challenges of their academic sessions.

Today’s afternoon activities gave yesterday’s scavenger hunters a chance to explore Cambridge and its history on a walking tour of some of the city’s most notable landmarks, whilst yesterday’s walking tourists got a chance to find and take pictures with many more landmarks as they took on the scavenger hunt themselves.

Time for a Swap

The evening began with a Cambridge ‘swap’ as students from Christ’s and Sidney dined out at ‘Jamie’s Italian’ and students from St. Catharine’s dined out at ‘Zizzi’s’. Everyone enjoyed themselves as they exchanged stories and engaged in lively debates over tagliatelle and affogato. After dinner, some studied in private and reviewed what they had learnt in the day, whilst many sat enthralled by a lecture on the rise of antibiotic-resistant ‘superbugs’. Then all retired for the night, ready for another jam-packed, fun-filled day tomorrow.

First photo by Tom Alfuth. Second photo by Catarina Rodrigues


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