Punting and Thought-Provoking Talks


The sun finally decided to return to Cambridge, acting as the stimulus for a fruitful day. Classes and college tours ran as normal in the morning. Today’s tour was of Emmanuel – with the participants being particularly impressed by the free and serviced washing facilities.

The afternoon activities switched around between the two groups. The drummers looked on enviously as the punters enjoyed today’s beautiful weather, gazing in awe at the Cambridge’s fascinating sites, such as the Bridge of Sighs. However, spirits remained high for the drummers, who appreciated the opportunity to immerse themselves in Brazilian culture.

Food for Thought from Nigel Warburton

The headline activity of the evening was a thought-provoking talk from British Philosopher Nigel Warburton. Best known for being the interviewer on the podcast Philosophy Bites, a series, which has over 33 million downloads worldwide, Nigel’s talk was titled ‘Deciding for Yourself.’ He discussed whether you should be free to decide how you live your life – exploring John Stuart Mill’s arguments in his book ‘On Liberty,’ that we should be free to explore our own ‘experiments of living’ just as long as no one else was harmed in the process. The participants left feeling inspired and encouraged from his stimulating ideas.

For those not attending the talk, there was an opportunity to release their creative juices at ‘Cake & Canvasses.’ Expertly run by art fanatics Emilia and Rosie, it proved to be a massive success. With exciting song requests being taken all night, including ‘Fernando’ by ABBA from Luigi, the participants were able to relax after a week of challenging learning whilst having the opportunity to express themselves artistically.

All in all a very successful day, with enormous excitement starting to build from the participants for the weekend trips to Oxford and London.


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