Punting tour! by Tin Nok

Wednesday, 7 July

Our teacher had organised a ‘crime scene investigation’ activity for our morning academic session, where we used blood testing equipment to identify a person at the crime scene (using fake blood!). We learnt about the molecular basis of blood grouping: people with blood group A produce anti-B antibodies, and therefore these blood groups do not mix. Blood group O is the ‘universal donor’ because it does not contain A or B antigens (proteins), whereas Blood type AB is the ‘universal acceptor’ because they do not produce anti-A or -B antibodies. 

We also learnt about epigenetics, the control of gene expression without changing DNA sequences. Epigenetics plays a role in cancer, ageing and other processes in the body. 

I’ve enjoyed the academic sessions thus far, and I am enthusiastic about learning completely new things!

Our mentor families went on guided punting tours of the River Cam. Our tour guide talked about the history of each college we went to. For example, I learnt some interesting facts: there is no bell in the tower of St John’s College, which may be to remember the donor who died before the college was open. There is also the theory that they didn’t have enough money to finish it at the time! The hand copy of Mathematic Volume 1, written by Isaac Newton, was open to the public in the library. The Mathematical bridge was built by Isaac Newton’s friend (name), not by Newton himself. Pink Floyd was first performed in the pub next to the river. 

The journey was relaxing, and I enjoyed seeing the old and modern colleges along the river. 

The students and mentors experienced a formal dinner in the Sidney Sussex College dining hall. I wore a suit and enjoyed the atmosphere of it. They served a 3-course meal, and it was the best food I’ve eaten at the college! 

In the evening we watched the England vs Denmark match. My heart was beating very fast as I watched. The match was very fast-paced as each side tried to attack one after the other. There was lots of disappointment during the match as Denmark took the lead from a set-piece, and we should have missed, but it was either saved by the goalkeeper or we didn’t take the chance. However, England had controlled the game in the majority of the second half. I shouted with joy when Harry Kane scored a rebound from a saved penalty which booked England a place in the Euro 2020 final. I was able to witness a new historic moment as England went to the Euro’s final for the first time!

Tin Nok, Sidney Sussex, Session 1


Blog - Punting tour! by Tin Nok

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