Scavenger Hunt at Jesus College (13-15)

Tuesday, 13 July

It was a bright and sunny start to the second day of lessons for the Immerse students at Jesus College, Cambridge. Everyone seemed excited for the day ahead at breakfast as the participants looked forward to learning more about their subjects. Everything was running smoothly as students were confident of finding their classrooms and navigating around the College by themselves. Some students headed out into town for lunch to try out some local Cambridge eateries, while the rest stayed behind to enjoy the fabulous food on offer in the College. 

Following the afternoon academic sessions, the students made their way into town for a scavenger hunt. The three teams showed their competitive spirit as they raced around town to find famous Cambridge landmarks, and the group chats were buzzing with excitement as people sent through their pictures. Photos included: a selfie with a porter, the Jesus horse statue and the university library – one group even rescued a bird along the way! It was a close call, but eventually, Alex’s mentor family emerged triumphant with a total of 27 photos. 

After dinner, everyone gathered outside for a game of mafia with snacks provided by the mentors. The students got really involved trying to find out which group was murdering innocent villagers, even adding different characters and eventually leading the game themselves. After a busy but exciting day, everyone was definitely ready for bed!

Maddie, Mentor at Jesus College (13-15), Session 2


Blog - Scavenger Hunt by Maddie (Mentor)

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