Self Punting was so much fun! – by Bruno – Architecture

Monday, 12 July 

Today was a really intense day, yet still an amazing day. After waking up and having a great breakfast, we went to our classes at 9:30 as usual. I attended the architecture course, and we studied the modernist style in the morning, and in the afternoon, we continued sketching for our final projects. It was really interesting to know more about the modern style and especially how to sketch properly, considering that it was my first time drawing. 

After the first session, my friends and I went to Wasabi, a sushi restaurant, to have lunch. It is so good that we are free to go out at lunchtime with friends because we can socialise, be together and detach a little from studying. After lunch, we went back to class to do our second session. It was really helpful for my final project, and it was a really engaging lesson.

After it, all of us went for self punting down the Cam river. This little excursion was one of the craziest trips. We could not stop chuckling! We were six on a boat, and one of us was punting. No one had done it before, so you can imagine how funny it was. I was figuratively dying from laughter, and my abdomen was aching. I was attacked by a duck, and my friend nearly fell down in the river, but fortunately, she didn’t. It was really funny but at the same time relaxing and I would do it again a thousand times. After that, we went for dinner, and around 8 pm, we played some games, and we chilled outside the garden just speaking and being together. It was a really fun day. I wish this course never ends.

Bruno, Sidney Sussex, Session 1 (Architecture)


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