A Stormy but Enlightening Monday


The first full day of Immerse Education kicked off with a sense of excitement in the air. This was to be the first day of classes and the first full day of scheduled activities, and whilst making their way from breakfast to their classrooms, the students were noticeably enthusiastic, and eager to see what the next two weeks had in store.

The Tutorials Begin

On one side of Christ’s College, Mathematicians were already engrossed with novel equations and elegant arithmetical patterns. Just a few buildings away, Economics & Management students were deep in discussion with experts in their chosen field. Students and tutors from all around the world were getting together and sharing their knowledge in a wide range of subjects – it was lovely to see.

Before the students knew it, it was time for lunch and a bit of social time, then back to their classes and some more free time before the first activity at 4pm. Some of the students got involved in a fun, team based quiz in the lecture theatre where, embarrassingly (for us), students had to identify Mentors from their baby photos, whilst others enjoyed a guided walking tour of the Cambridge Colleges. Although the weather was unfortunately typical of an English summer, that did not detract from the enjoyment of the tour, and participants were keen to hear interesting facts about some of the oldest educational establishments in the world.

A refreshing dinner in Christ’s College was followed by a talk on University Preparation by Mr Ben Jones; a Cambridge alumnus with an impressive résumé that includes working as a policy advisor for 10 Downing Street. The students were engaged throughout and certainly picked up some useful advice for their own applications. Overall, it was a great start to what is no doubt going to be an enriching and enjoyable few weeks.


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