Talent Evening!- by Malayeka – Medicine

Thursday, 15 July

Today was a more relaxed yet simultaneously eventful day; it started with the class in which we did two mini practicals. 

In the first one, we attempted to test out our lung capacity by breathing into a spirometer and comparing it to a chart – it turns out I have healthy lungs! Unfortunately, I can’t say that for some of my friends whose lung capacity was equivalent to that of an 80-year-old person. We also used an ECG machine and took each other’s blood pressure; overall, it was a really interactive session which made it fun and interesting. 

After class, we all decided to go out for lunch and get clothes for the mini fashion show we were doing at the talent show in the evening. We all bought white and black shirts and then took them back to Sidney Sussex to paint them. 

My friends accidentally created a fashion brand yesterday – during the cake and canvas session – called ‘benchmark’ (bnchmrk for short), so we all decided to create personalised designs but in line with the brand. 

Soon after we finished the afternoon lessons, we went back to prepping our fashion walks as well as any/all other talents for the talent show. The talent show went amazingly with shows ranging from singing to acting to instrumentals… and then me sporadically singing an ode to my friend in a very unplanned manner. It was great to see people showing things they’re passionate about doing and seeing the great extent of talent here. It’s days like this that make me not want to leave. 

Malayeka, Sidney Sussex, Session 1 (Medicine)


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