A Trip to the Capital

Following a long and packed Saturday in Oxford, Sunday presented an equally eventful trip down to London. To the disappointment of many half-awake participants, the day began with an early departure, although a coach journey showing off the London skyline combined with the fresh air of the Victoria Embankment gardens helped to wake them up.

A Tour of London

The morning consisted of a tour around the central London area, and both the students and the mentors, including myself, despite being a Londoner my whole life, learnt a bunch of new facts, such as the origin of the word ‘cheerio’ and the history of the different police forces of the city, as well as visiting various landmarks around the city such as St James’ Palace and the Elizabeth Tower (remember, Big Ben is just the name of the bell!).

After eating lunch, the students had a choice of visiting the British Museum, or being able to do some shopping around Oxford Street – both options proved popular and also allowed for some scope for the students to explore central London.

All in all, a very busy but enjoyable day, ending with a lot of sleeping students (and mentors!) on the coach journey back.


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