Our Engineers ‘in-gear’ at the half-way point of Week 1


Wednesday marks the halfway point of the first week in Cambridge, and the programme is really in full swing now! Today was a full and tiring day filled with intriguing lessons, unusual sports and fine dining. 

The academic sessions continued, one engineering class got a chance to visit the fascinating museum of technology with their knowledgeable tutor, while another got to enjoy an exciting guest lecture.

Over lunch some students enjoyed a tour of Sidney Sussex college led by the very knowledgeable mentors Eliza and Rose who gave an insight into what the college is really like as a student. Meanwhile Henry enjoyed a chilled-out picnic on the quaint Christ’s Pieces with some Students. 

In the afternoon activity the students got to try a very unique sport called ‘Krashball’. Essentially, each ‘Krashball’ is a large inflatable ball with a hollow centre where you slide inside and wear the Krashball as a backpack. Everyone then plays a game of 5 a side football, where you are very much encouraged to crash into each other sending your opponent flying through the air! Everyone really enjoyed the chance to relax and try something very unique and fun; even the mentors couldn’t resist but to have a go or two!

In the evening the students attended a ‘Formal’ at Sidney Sussex college. The Students dressed up into smart clothes and enjoyed a three-course meal in the beautiful, ancient dining hall of the college. It was a great chance to enjoy one of the most ‘Cambridge’ of traditions and celebrate the end of the first few days with new friends. 

Finally, the day ended with a ‘fireside chat’ with all the mentors. This was a very relaxed and informal way for students to ask any question they had about applying to and studying at Cambridge and Oxford. There were mentors from a whole range of subjects across the Arts and Sciences able to answer any question and share all their different experiences!


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