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Immerse Education's Fashion & Design Summer School Programme offers middle and high school students two weeks of uninhibited artistic exploration. Unveil the fusion of fashion and function, where garments and structures tell tales about history, culture and self-expression. Embrace trends and get hands-on by designing and crafting pieces that reveal your own creative vision.
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Fashion & Design Summer School
New York
15-18 years old

Fashion and Design

Career Insights - New York • 15-18 years old
Career Insights - New York
New York
15-18 years
For 15-18 year olds interested in studying Fashion & Design, our summer programme offers the perfect opportunity to explore your subject in depth, and gain industry knowledge for career development. Discover a diverse range of university-level Fashion & Design experiences set against the backdrop of New York City's vibrant creative scene. This programme is ideal for students eager to immerse themselves in the exciting world of fashion and design.
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My name is Cornelia and I’m from Latvia. I’m studying fine art with Immerse. I’ve really enjoyed meeting new people and visiting museums and galleries. At first I was worried I wouldn’t make friends or understand everything, but I’ve made some great friends and I’m learning so much. Studying fine art here has really helped me express myself through my artwork. It’s helped build my confidence and improve my skills. I’m able to show my emotions and inner self through my art now. This program has really opened my eyes to new possibilities for my future career. I’m so thankful for this opportunity to study what I’m passionate about. It’s been an amazing experience so far.

Attended Immerse in 2023
Fine Art Career Insights

Fashion & Design Summer Programmes For High School Students

The Fashion & Design industries fuse art and aesthetics, shaping our visual culture through haute couture, industrial design, and creative expression. They inspire trends, influence style, and redefine the boundaries of artistic innovation. Immerse Education’s Fashion and Design Summer School Programme invites a two-week immersion into wearable stories and aesthetics with the power to shape cultures and identities.

Furthermore, our fashion and design summer schools provide not only captivating content but also a focus on technical skill refinement. If your ambition is to thrive in the world of fashion and design, choosing an Immerse program in this field is an excellent starting point for your journey.

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Fashion & Design

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Fashion & Design course?
Immerse™ Fashion and Design programs celebrate the fusion of art and function, exploring garment creation, interior design, and more. Dive into aesthetics that shape how we express ourselves and interact with spaces.

Why study Fashion and Design?
Aesthetic innovation inspires culture and identity and can influence the behaviour of the masses. By studying Fashion and Design, you’ll shape aesthetics, crafting wearable art that reflect who we are. Success in this field can unlock access to some of the most exclusive brands, venues and events in the world.

Enthusiasts of Fashion and Design tread versatile career paths. They excel in design studios, fashion houses, creative agencies, and beyond. Graduates can pursue roles in fashion design, branding, and trend analysis. The world of Fashion and Design offers avenues to contribute to the dynamic interplay of form, function, and personal expression that is fashion.

Currently, Immerse Education offers a residential Fashion & Design course in New York.

Immerse’s programs are open to all, regardless of prior fashion or design knowledge. However, course tutors will anticipate that participants have an enthusiasm for creating visual designs and a curiosity surrounding the techniques that can bring these to life.

While the exact syllabus is tailored by your mentor and may differ, we ensure a comprehensive array of subjects influenced by university outlines and early-career roles in related spheres. The syllabus overview will intricately outline the topics planned for your specific course. The program’s goal is to cultivate an interdisciplinary understanding of the importance of fashion and design, a rounded knowledge of their histories, and the hard skills necessary to pursue careers in the realm of fashion and design.

The Fashion and Design course appeals to 15-18 year old high school students captivated by aesthetic fusion, curious about spatial narratives, and inspired to shape creative expressions. If you possess an eye for trends, this course offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of fashion and design and prepare for future study at fashion institutes and schools of design.

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