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Finding work experience in Year 10 can be a challenge. Ideally, you should look to find a place of work that matches your future career goals; that way, you’ll be better prepared for what’s to come. Plus, gaining experience could help with university applications and is a great advantage for your personal statement.

Read how to write a great personal statement for work experience.

Work experience is an invaluable opportunity for you to gain skills that will benefit your future career. However, you might be feeling lost about where you can work, especially since some workplaces don’t have work experience placements for those under 18.

Not to worry, though. Here are some work experience ideas for year 10s for every industry, with 5+ ideas for each sector.

Business Work Experience

Business is a very broad topic to cover. If you’re doing business studies or interested in how business works, here are some great Year 10 work experience ideas that will allow you to see how a business ensures profitability behind the scenes.

  1. Work at a consultancy firm.
  2. Work for an estate agent.
  3. Work in a HR department.
  4. Work for an insurance firm.
  5. Work at the ‘Big Four’ – PwC, EY, Deloitte, and KPMG (note: these placements are extremely competitive).
  6. Get work experience through a summer programme.
  7. Shadow a project manager who works in a field you’re interested in.
  8. Shadow a data analyst at a company like Purple Frog Systems.

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Creative Arts Work Experience

Creative arts is also a broad field. It includes arts, drama, and even graphic design. If you’re a creative person, here are some work experience options.

  1. Participate in art, design, or photography workshops.
  2. Work at an art gallery or museum.
  3. Work at an art auction to learn more about art sales.
  4. Work at a graphic design agency.
  5. Work at a cinema (this doesn’t have to be serving customers; you can also work behind the scenes to figure out staff and film schedules).
  6. Work at a theatre.
  7. Shadow an interior designer.
  8. Volunteer at crafts events in community centres, churches, and schools.

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Engineering and Architecture Work Experience

Although architecture and engineering are different fields, there are a lot of crossovers. These work experience ideas will help you learn more about design and construction processes in general.

  1. Shadow an architect or engineer at work.
  2. Work at a builder’s merchant (Year 10s aren’t allowed on building sites, but you can learn about building by working in a merchant’s to learn stock replenishment, customer service, and more).
  3. Work at an urban planning company such as the Royal Town Planning Institute’s 1-Week Work Experience Programme.
  4. Work with an airline or in an airport to learn about aircraft engineering; try the British Airways engineering work experience programme.
  5. Work with a motorsports team by emailing their HR departments.

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Environment and Geography Work Experience

Geography often covers both environmental and urban projects. As a result, there are plenty of work experience options for those interested in this field.

  1. Volunteer at an environmental charity (like Friends of the Earth) to take part in fundraising.
  2. Work at an urban planning and development company.
  3. Shadow a geologist; you can find one in the Geologist’s Online Directory.
  4. Shadow a travel agent to learn more about tourism.
  5. Volunteer at a nature reserve through The Wildlife Trust.
  6. Do a work experience placement with the British Geological Survey.
  7. Volunteer at the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme.
  8.  Work at the Met Office through their MetLink work experience scheme.

Event Planning and Management Work Experience

If you like planning, then management could be for you. Here are some work experience ideas.

  1. Shadow a manager at a local business.
  2. Shadow an event planner.
  3. Get involved with local events or festivals (note: some festivals are only open to those over 18).
  4. Volunteer at a non-profit event to get hands-on experience.
  5. Work at a venue.
Cutting dress

Fashion Work Experience

The fashion industry can be hard to break into, so work experience is highly valuable. Here are some fashion work experience ideas for Year 10.

  1. Volunteer with a costume maker.
  2. Work at a local boutique or clothing store.
  3. Shadow a fashion designer.
  4. Volunteer at a fashion show.
  5. Work with a stylist on photo shoots.
  6. Intern at a fashion magazine.
  7. Create your own fashion portfolio.
  8. Shadow a personal shopper.

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Finance and Banking Work Experience

If you’re a diligent maths student, finance and banking are ideal sectors to explore. Here are some options for work experience.

  1. Work at a bank to learn about security protocols, counting money, and more.
  2. Work at an accountancy firm.
  3. Work at a credit union.
  4. Shadow a financial advisor.
  5. Volunteer with a financial literacy program.
  6. Work at a fintech start-up.

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Healthcare Work Experience

Healthcare is a fantastic field to gain work experience in. Not all avenues are open to Year 10s, but there are still plenty of ways to get work experience.

  1. Shadow a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare professional.
  2. Volunteer at a local clinic.
  3. Work at a pharmacy. You may need to be over 16 for this; see the ABPI guide for more information. Often, you can work as a counter assistant.
  4. Explore allied health professions like physical therapy.
  5. Create a health and wellness initiative.
  6. Check out available placements at Step Into the NHS.
  7. Work at your local GP surgery. 
  8. Work at a dental surgery.

Hospitality Work Experience

There are endless jobs available in the hospitality space. While you won’t be able to work behind a bar, there are still plenty of opportunities to learn about this industry.

  1. Work at a spa as a receptionist, facialist, or another role.
  2. Work in a restaurant as front-of-house staff or in the kitchen.
  3. Work in a cafe as a barista, waiter, or another role.
  4. Work in a hotel as a cleaner, receptionist, or a variety of other roles. The IHG Academy Work Experience is a great place to start.
  5. Work for a catering company.
Teaching at laboratory

IT and Technology Work Experience

Getting hands-on experience can be extremely helpful in the tech industry. There are a lot of sub-sectors in this field, so try to find something that excites you.

  1. Work in a computer shop selling computers or doing repairs.
  2. Work at a technology company, such as the Cisco Pathway To Your Future Work Experience program.
  3. Shadow the IT department at your school.
  4. Work at a video game company to learn coding and digital art.
  5. Work on tech support or a help desk for a big company.

Journalism and Media Work Experience

Journalism and media are two more fields where work experience can be extremely helpful. In these roles, you will gain first-hand insight into the world of media.

  1. Work at a local newspaper.
  2. Work at a local blogging website.
  3. Work at a local radio station; you won’t be on air, but you’ll learn how the industry works.
  4. Work at a podcast studio.
  5. Work at a magazine in a field you’re interested in.
  6. Shadow employers at an editing house.
  7. Work on a TV set or at a production studio.

Law Work Experience

Getting work experience in the legal field can be tricky, because lawyers often deal with sensitive information. That said, it’s not impossible.

  1. Work at a law firm in the sector of your choice (e.g. corporate law, family law, criminal law)
  2. Observe courtroom proceedings.
  3. Work for a legal aid firm or non-profit organisation.
  4. Shadow a lawyer, paralegal, or legal assistant.
  5. Shadow a case manager to understand how legal cases unfold.

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Marketing and Advertising Work Experience

Marketing is a great field to get work experience in, with plenty of jobs to go around. Try out the following ideas.

  1. Work at a marketing firm.
  2. Work at an advertising agency, either in the creative or analytics department.
  3. Work at a content marketing firm and learn how to write long-form content.
  4. Work at a PR company.
  5. Work in communications.
  6. Shadow a social media manager.

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Photography and Film Work Experience

There aren’t a lot of ways to get work experience in photography other than working on your own projects and portfolios. That said, here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Shadow a professional photographer.
  2. Assist on film sets.
  3. Work for a documentary filmmaker.
  4. Shadow a cinematographer.
  5. Work at a portrait gallery.
  6. Volunteer at a film festival.
Recording at the meeting

Politics Work Experience

Making connections in the politics field can help you later down the line. As a result, work experience can be extremely helpful. Here are some ideas for political work experience.

  1. Work at your local council.
  2. Volunteer for a political campaign.
  3. Shadow a campaigner.
  4. Shadow a political journalist.
  5. Work for a think tank or poll taker.

Retail Work Experience

There are plenty of jobs available in retail. These roles can help you learn about sales, customer service, inventory management, merchandising, and more.

  1. Work at a High Street shop.
  2. Shadow a visual merchandiser.
  3. Work at an e-commerce retailer like ASOS or Boohoo.
  4. Shadow a retail manager
  5. Volunteer at pop-up shops or events.

Science and Research Work Experience

Not all research projects are open to year 10s. That said, there are still plenty of ways to explore the world of science and research.

  1. Work at a research centre as an assistant.
  2. Work at a laboratory, such as the National Physical Laboratory.
  3. Work at a science museum.
  4. Work at an astronomical observatory.
  5. Shadow a researcher or scientist.

Social Work and Community Outreach Work Experience

Social work can be a sensitive field, which means that not all avenues are open to year 10s. However, there are still plenty of opportunities to give you a taster of the work.

  1. Work at a charity shop to learn skills like communication, handling money, and more.
  2. Work at a food bank, such as the Trussel Trust.
  3. Work in a retirement home as an assistant.
  4. Volunteer for a charity like Age UK.
  5. Work at a community centre.

Software and Coding Work Experience

If you’re interested in coding, there is a wealth of opportunities to get involved with. Try out the following. 

  1. Work at a software firm.
  2. Try the Softwire Year 10 Work Experience program.
  3. Work as a coding intern.
  4. Shadow a UX or UI designer.
  5. Work with the development team at a startup.

Sports Work Experience

There are plenty of ways to get involved with sport locally. Here are some ideas for work experience that will teach you about coaching, sports management, and more.

  1. Work at a gym.
  2. Work at a local sports club–there are various roles available, from gardener to physical therapist.
  3. Shadow a coach.
  4. Work at a golf course.
  5. Volunteer at a school sports club.
  6. Shadow a sports commentator.
  7. Volunteer at a sports shop.
  8. Volunteer at sporting events.
  9. Shadow a personal trainer.
  10. Create your own coaching plans and coach your friends or family.
  11. Shadow people at a sports media company.
  12. Volunteer as an umpire or referee.
Teacher and child students at school

Teaching and Childcare Work Experience

Sometimes, it’s challenging to find teaching and childcare roles while you’re still in school. Still, there are plenty of ways to find relevant experience.

  1. Work at a primary or secondary school to learn lesson planning.
  2. Work in a soft play area.
  3. Work at your current school and help your teachers, IT technicians, or maintenance staff.
  4. Become a childminder or babysitter.
  5. Volunteer at a youth club.
  6. Volunteer at a nursery or daycare centre, such as Pioneer Childcare.
  7. Shadow an ESL teacher.
  8. Tutor younger students in a subject you’re good at.

Veterinary Work Experience

The veterinary field is another one where relevant work experience can help you later down the line. There are lots of interesting ways to get involved with animal care, helping you to learn about veterinary procedures and treatments.

  1. Work at a dog home.
  2. Shadow at a vet clinic.
  3. Work at a cattery.
  4. Work on a farm.
  5. Work as a zookeeper’s assistant or work at a zoo (check out Chester Zoo’s volunteering page).
  6. Become a local dog walker (this one might even let you make a bit of money!)

Vocational Work Experience

The opportunities for vocational work experience are endless. There are so many roles to suit a huge range of interests, so there’s guaranteed to be something for you.

  1. Work at a car garage.
  2. Work at a carpentry business.
  3. Shadow a plumber or an electrician.
  4. Work at a hairdresser’s or shadow a beautician.

Get Practical Work Experience with Immerse

The right work experience placement can be the key to shaping your future. It gives you a chance to explore different industries and gain crucial insights to make informed career decisions. 

Check out our Career Insights programme to get hands-on work experience in a range of industries, featuring a residential stay in London, New York, or San Francisco. 

Hopefully, these work experience ideas for year 10 students, give you a helpful start. It’s time to take a step toward your future and begin your career journey today.

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